The source code of Where is available at GitHub.

Clone and update Where v0.8.0

The simplest way to download Where and do later updates is by cloning the Where repository:

git clone

With a cloned repository you can update to version 0.8.0 by doing:

cd where
git fetch origin
git checkout tags/v0.8.0

See Installing Where for details on how to install the software.

Download Where v0.8.0

If you prefer to download the source code as a zip- or tar-file, you can use the following links:

See Installing Where for details on how to install the software.


Version 0.8.0 is a minor release with the following improvements compared with version 0.7.4:

  • Added remover for ignoring individual observations in an analysis, including a double-click option in There to simplify editing
  • Improved the navigational top-bar in There
  • Added a separate log level (OUT) for printing output
  • Removed functionality for archiving an analysis (it can still be deleted with -D)
  • Added support for automatic download of NGS observation files
  • New global configuration option controlling publishing of result files
  • Easier configuration of config library

Note: The Where software is currently in Beta. There are still a few bugs in the analysis we are ironing out. We will also do some upgrades to the internal data structures used to store data that will break with the current ones. You should not use Where for any production level work yet. However, let us know if you are interested in using the software and we will keep you updated as it matures.