The source code of Where is available at GitHub.

Clone and update Where v0.12.1

The simplest way to download Where and do later updates is by cloning the Where repository:

git clone

With a cloned repository you can update to version 0.12.1 by doing:

cd where
git fetch origin
git checkout tags/v0.12.1

See Installing Where for details on how to install the software.

Download Where v0.12.1

If you prefer to download the source code as a zip- or tar-file, you can use the following links:

See Installing Where for details on how to install the software.


Version 0.12.1 is a big update to version 0.8.1. Versions between 0.8.1 and 0.12.1 have been internal versions.

The following are the biggest changes since version 0.8.1:

  • Big update to There, including separate tabs for timeseries and sessions, as well as support for keyboard shortcuts.
  • Wizard for setting up config files. It is automatically run when installing Where for the first time.
  • Where Runner can use master files to choose which sessions to run.
  • Always use official IERS names for VLBI sources.
  • Easier to customize the config library (not backwards compatible).
  • Tidy up timeseries dataset (not backwards compatible).
  • Fix bugs in calculations of LOD and sigma values.
  • Change format of dependency files, with the option of using file checksums instead of timestamps.

Note: The Where software is currently in Beta. There are still a few bugs in the analysis we are ironing out. We will also do some upgrades to the internal data structures used to store data that will break with the current ones. You should not use Where for any production level work yet. However, let us know if you are interested in using the software and we will keep you updated as it matures.